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We offer kayaking tours on the Väinameri, suitable for smaller groups. Tours take place mainly in Lääne county, in the area of Haapsalu, Topu and Matsalu bay.

We prefer the tours on our set routes, but if you make an adequate advance notice, we can also create a new route considering your own wishes and ideas.

We offer kayaking tours of different lenghts and difficulties, so both beginners and experienced kayakers can find what´s suitable for them.

Group size up to 14 people.

Trips are suitable for the age of 14 or older, except for the kayaking on the Gulf Tagalaht in Haapsalu, which is suitable for children also.

The smallest size of a group is 6 people. We are also willing to make an agreement to go with a smaller group, but in this case the price of the tour is equal to the one for a group of six.

Our kayaking trips are divided into two price ranges:

Tours on Haapsalu bays (Tagalaht and Eeslaht) with duration of up to 2 hours, distance ca. 10 km. Price per person 25€ .

Tours in Silma nature reserve, around the island Hobulaid, around the island Tauksi, kayaking to Cape Ramsi and a long tour on Haapsalu Bay last 4 to 6 hours and include a picnic lunch. Price per person from 50€.

The price includes a spot in a kayak, equipment, the service of a guide and instructions.

Also we offer special kayaking tours with the duration and route chosen by the client. Price is negotiable.

Info tel +37259012355 or +37255673647, e-mail