Family trip

Kajakiga Merele offers a safe and secure kayaking tour on Haapsalu bay to the families with small children. The trip is suitable for children of all ages, even families with toddlers have come kayaking with us.

A kayaking tour is an interesting and great experience for an active time-spending in Haapsalu. It takes less than an hour to reach a whole different world: silence, healthy sea air, great views at the town of Haapsalu, beautiful nature around you. We often meet different birds like swans, eagles and terns and if we´re lucky we might not only hear the fish around the kayak but also see them swimming around.

The family trip is not long. The lenght is ca. 9 kilometres and it usually takes up to 2 hours. If you are coming with small children it has to be considered that they have to be patient enough to sit still this long. It´s also possible to have a little rest break on some islet, but in this case there´s a possibility of your feet getting a bit wet.

The tour is safe for children. Most of the time the water is no deeper than 1 meter. The sea is calm and we always take a critical look at the weather conditions and physical capabilities of the participants before starting off. Everyone (both grown ups and kids) will have their personal safety equipment. Before the tour we give you all the know-how you need to have a safe and enjoyable time.

We recommend to take a bottle of water, some sweets (chocolate etc.), some dry clothes and a waterproof jacket with you. There is no need to be afraid of tipping over, but people tend to splash each other with the paddles. It is recommended to take along a hat and sunglasses. Choose your footwear, considering that they can get wet. Heels, open-healed footwear (flip-flops etc.) and thick-soled hiking boots are no good.

On our trips we use duo-kayaks (two person boats). There are always at least two guides instructing the group.

If you choose to come on a kayaking tour with us, a memorable and joyful experience is guaranteed.


ages up to 6                  FREE

ages 7 to 14                 15€

ages 15 and up            20€

Minimum number of people is 2.  Children under the age of 15 can be taken along one child per every adult + one additional child. (e.g. a group of 2 adults can bring along 3 children of the age 14 and younger).

All the family trips have to be pre-ordered.